Thursday, February 5, 2009

Safe passage for students

This overhead crosswalk spanning Nob Hill Blvd. at the Yakima Valley Community College campus offers safe crossing for students. It replaced one which was knocked down by a wayward truck several years ago. Conditions were touchy for students needing to cross in the year or more long interim before the new one was constructed. Yes, students could walk to the corner and use the crosswalk there, but...

On the 16th Street side of the campus, a dangerous crosswalk now has a traffic light which was not there when I last was commuting that route last June.


Hilda said...

I'm glad for the students that this finally got constructed.

Sounds like the struggle we had in our university — the footbridges were so far from the gates of two universities (about 300 meters away), the kids chose risking their lives over walking the distance. Took us more than a year to get the metro authority's approval despite the earlier approval of the city.

Jeff said...

Safe as long as students aren't crossing when the next wayward truck passes.