Friday, April 17, 2009

Mt. Adams sunset skies

The bird was an added bonus. Click this to see it enlarged, and click on over to Katney's Kaboodle to see its neighbor to the north, Mt. Rainier, during the same sunset (with the same bird.) Then, stop by the SkyWatch site to link to the skies all over the world.


Small City Scenes said...

Very nice shot. I can see Mt. Rainier from my house and Mt. Baker from down the road. We are so blessed to have the beautiful mountains here. MB

Carolyn said...

What a lovely photograph and such a beautiful sunset. I am always awed by what is around us when we look! Thank you for sharing and have a great weekend.

nature ramblings said...

Great photo capture. Love the grapevines in the foreground. They are a sign of greener things to come. Vinyards are beautiful in the summer and they seem to be springing up everywhere here in Oregon. Thanks for sharing!!

Babooshka said...

Gorgeous pink haze, almost surreal. We rarely get these colours.

Team Splashi said...

Great photos.Thank you for sharing.
We will be in Yakima Valley for the Spring barrel tasting @ Prosser & Yakima.


Jenny From The (Writer's) Block said...

This is beautiful! I have checked out one of your other blogs - you've quite the knack for photography!
I've got a green blog currently on wordpress that I hope to move to blogger soon. Would love to have you take a look when I do. At present, my only one on blogger is

Just started it. It is my innermost musings from Utah. I plan to post not only about politics, but to showcase our killer scenery, and all the other local flavor - bitter and sweet. Check it out if you are interested! I'd b flattered.