Monday, August 4, 2008

Sunny Sunday Afternoon

I returned home Sunday afternoon by way of the Yakima Canyon, which follows the course of the Yakima River between Ellensburg and Yakima. (In Ellensburg, some call it the Ellensburg Canyon.)
There were several kinds of watercraft on the river, but the preponderance of them were floating on rafts or inner tubes. A fun way to cool off in the hot Central Washington sun, this was one of the groups.

Fun on the water has its sad side, though. Other circumstances later on my drive home reminded me that just one year ago this week we lost a colleague to a float accident. Jillian Ward was just 26, an extremely talented and versatile young woman, who maintained both the physical plant of our old school building and our school website. Jillian was floating with friends on the Wenatchee River when she became caught under some debris and drowned.
Only one of the four enjoying this float trip is wearing a life jacket. Please be careful out there!

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Paulie said...

I couldn't see any life jackets and I wondered. . . does look refreshing tho!