Friday, May 15, 2009

The horse

Okay, hang in there, this is going to be a little confusing. Here is how the conversation started.

She: "Could you see the mountains this morning?"

We: "Yes, I can see them from my yard."
"Isn't it a beautiful day--we had a clear view of the mountains."
"We could see both of them on our way here."

She: "Did you see the horse?"




(That question got nothing but blank stares.)

You may have to click this to enlarge it for a better chance of seeing the horse. You see, it is apparently common knowledge around here that when the snow melt reaches a certain point there is the image of a horse on Mt. Adams. See it there, near the top?
That's what beautiful blue skies bring us in the Yakima Valley.
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Sally in WA said...

Interesting...sort of like Rainier has a ram on it when viewed from a certain angle.

Great photo!

Karen said...

Yes, now that you mention it and after I enlarged the photo, there is definitely a horse there. It looks as if it's about to start grazing on the snow :-)

We have a mountain in front of us, that looks like someone's profile, when seen from a certain angle..

Nice shot!

Novel said...

LT says he can't see a horse but he *might* have spotted Jesus! He's a bad, bad man...LOL

Calm Energy said...

I think I see it... a lil' towards the top right?
Beautiful Washington state!!!

Powell River Books said...

Yes, I do see the horse, but might have missed it without your help. I invite you to come fly through and around the clouds with me. - Margy

roentarre said...

That mountain looks like fuji

Wonderful landscape in deed!

Dina said...

Snow, wow! Oh yeah, I can see a horse!
Katney, thanks for your interesting comments and questions about the big event in your beloved Kidron Valley. I answered, or tried to.
Lucky you to have seen such churches in Russia.

Julie said...

that was cool and i could see it once I enlarged the photo. very interesting. I am glad you enjoyed the cactus flower on my site. You definitely should visit in April at least once so you can hike the desert areas or the Desert Botanical Gardens and see the various cacti blooms. I have my nightscape series going for the next few days. I have a saguaro at night painted with light on long exposure up today and will have moon photos up for the next three days.

PERBS said...

Well, sicne I enlarged it and you told me what to look for, I could see a horse. . .

Alexander said...

Very interesting post.
You've got me wondering for awhile where on earth is the horse. But after you have explained it, I can see it. Yeah!

Have a wonderful weekend.

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