Friday, May 29, 2009

Tall Ships

We went to Pasco to see the tall ships. There are two of them in port for a couple of weeks. We did not know the schedule, or the exact place to find them, so we arrived when they had left the dock taking visitors on three hour tours. (Watch out, Gilligan!)
I waited for this shot to get that juxtaposition of the old style and the jet ski. One of these ships was featured in the Pirates of the Caribbean movie.


Hilda said...

I love these ships! I'd also love to take a tour of one someday, but I've never seen or heard of one here in Manila.

PERBS said...

Neato! I remember when I got photos of two tall ships going under the I-5 bridge which was raised. More ships will be on the Columbia and Willhamette this coming weel for the Rose Festival.

Lew said...

Nice shot of the old and the new modes of water travel!