Monday, July 21, 2008

Another pioneer depicted

In my first YVDP post I cited the importance of irrigation to the Yakima Valley. According to the placque that accompanies this sculpture in downtown Sunnyside, H. Lloyd Miller, and early Sunnyside businessman, was instrumental in the development of the Roza Canal, which opened up agriculture in lands above the Sunnyside Valley Irrigation Canal. Further research finds that Miller, who came to Sunnyside in about 1907, was considered "one of the foremost businessmen in this region of the state." The Roza project was approved in 1935 and water first came to the Roza in 1941. This statue shows Miller standing in the canal as the water first flowed. The project was finished in 1951.


babooshka said...

This was really interesting. I think you have the hang of the daily blog straight off.

Paulie said...

Love learning about history of WA.

Anonymous said...

Lloyd's Grandson, Mike, owns and manages Airport Ranch just northeast of Sunnyside. He is one of the largest wine grape growers in Washington state.

Lloyd's great-grandson Marcus (the winemaker) and great-granddaughter Lori (the marketing director) manage and operate Airfield Estates winery in Prosser. Opened in 2007, it is rapidly growing and has been recognized as one of the top wineries in the state.