Sunday, July 13, 2008

Mural City

Toppenish is a city of murals. Since the first of these professionally done images was done in 1989, more than seventy have appeared on the walls of the town. The project celebrates the city's history and heritage with images of Native Americans, pioneers, cowboys, agriculture, everyday life, the coming of the railroad, and many other significant people and events.
Did you notice the mountain? You can't get away from it in the Yakima Valley. I took a few other shots when I did this one, and I will return to take you on a better tour at a later date.


babooshka said...

Hello Katney,Fancy seeing you here!
Welcome to the cdp community. This should be fun, checking out your town. Those murals look better than a bare wall. Got to pout you on my fav cdp list before I loose you.

Kim said...

This mural is quite lovely, Katney.
I'm hoping to get a feel for all the types of businesses out your way, and if you'd show us your local quilting haunts someday, that would be a real treat for me.
Is Yakima Valley the name of a town? If it's a region including several cities, you may be asked to change the name to the city you actually live in, even though you'll feature photos from surrounding towns from time to time. I think that's in Eric's instructions, but he may have changed them since I joined. I hope you have fun with it and I'm glad you've begun.
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Paulie said...

Well, whether you have to change your name or what, I will be visiting.

I love the murals! We have a bunch of them here too! They are historical in nature. I used the WW2 ones for an ABC Wednesday entry. There are many more too. One is in progress over on Evergreen and Broadway and I can hardly wait to see the picture -- they have the background done so far. Sometimes our group runs out of money and have to wait to finish.

You should think about visiting Vancouver next time you visit your son in Portland -- the Fort is really interesting at Thanksgiving and Christmas time as they have re-enactments. It is a national park too. I love our town even tho I only moved here in 85.