Friday, July 11, 2008


Did you ever want to sleep in a teepee? You can at the Yakama Nation in Toppenish. The teepees rent at their campground/RV Park.
Why the Yakama in the Yakima Valley?Several years ago the Yakama Indian Nation resumed the original spelling of the tribe's name, while everything else in the valley continued to use the later version.


magiceye said...

have always been fascinated by these tepees.. wish i could spend a couple of days in one!

Hilda said...

I've always been intrigued about how they're constructed. I'd love to see one just to find out. How big are they?

I love learning about different places through CDP. Welcome!

Snapper said...

I spent a summer in a tipi a few years ago. I would love to live in one year-round but my wife won't go for it. Imagine that! Thanks for the photo.

Paulie said...

I bet it would be fun -- long as you have a sleeping bag BUT not sure I want to cook in one.

Louis la Vache said...

Somehow "Louis" had overlooked this blog of yours!

The photo of the tractor in the previous post reminded "Louis" of growing up in the Texas Panhandle, where a site like this was not uncommon.

Today, "Louis et Mme. la Vache celebrate their first anniversary