Thursday, July 24, 2008


The Grandview Rose Garden was developed many years ago by a local group of dedicated gardeners and has always been a lovely sigth in Westside Park.

In (fairly) recent Rose Garden history is this from the Grandview City Council just over a year ago:

"The Beautification Commission met on June 21, 2007 and unanimously recommended to Council that the official City flower be re-designated from the iris to the rose for the following reasons:
· The rich history and tradition of the community’s rose garden facility.
· The rose blooms approximately six months out of the year.
· The rose garden promotes both volunteerism and tourism within the Grandview community.

On motion by Councilmember McDonald, second by Councilmember Flory, Council unanimously rescinded the iris as the official City flower and re-designated the rose as the official City flower.

Council thanked the Rose Garden Club for their many years of dedicated volunteer service at the rose garden and also thanked Mrs. Berger’s fifth grade class from A.H. Smith School for their time and effort spent in researching and recommending the iris as the official city flower back in 1992."

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Paulie said...

Well, much as I love Iris plants, I can understand about the roses. We have a rose garden downtown right where the farmer's market is and on the side of the park where we have free movies and concerts and also paid functions also. I kinda feel sad for the class that nominated the Iris as the city flower and now had it rescinded. Perhaps it would be appropriate to acknowledge that class with a plaque at the rose garden?