Monday, September 29, 2008

Celebrate What's Great!

The 115th annual Central Washington State Fair opened in Yakima on Friday with the theme this year being Celebrate What's Great!"

I thought I would ride to the top of the Giant Wheel and get some pictures of the midway from above.

Then I thought; "Nah! No! No way!"
Neither did I take any shots from the Sky Tram, the Circle of Fire, the Drop Zone, or the Big Sling.
No, you will just have to appreciate the Fair from the ground with me, or else stop by yourself for the rides, exhibits, and some fair food.


ben wideman said...

Very cool image. It's old school and also bright and lively.

Hope said...

I agree with you on staying on the ground. I don't like ferris wheels!

Marcel said...

Thanks for stopping by my bog Sitka Daily Photo. I have to say I have always enjoyed my time in the Yakima Valley. My favorite time to visit the valley is this time of year when the harvest is coming in. Glad I can do a cyber-visit this year.

Barbara Rahal said...

Lovely Image, I love those wheels!!! yeaaappeeeee

PERBS said...

The only time I got on a ferris wheel, I was with my three kids and the darn thing stopped and we were stuck on top for a long time--well 20 minutes seems long when you are up that high. NEVER again.

Did some high rides at Disneyland and california Adventure but they weren't as scary.