Monday, September 15, 2008

Still away from the Valley--#1

Before returning to the Valley, my hubby and I are spending a week here at Ohanapecosh, helping out in the Visitor Center. Ohanapecosh is the old growth forest area located in the southeast corner of Mt. Rainier National Park. It is about 70 miles from the city of Yakima and just over a two hour drive from our part of the Valley.
It is still not likely that I will have internet access--though I may be able to log on from the office. So I have scheduled photos from earlier Ohanapecosh trips till we return home.


Sherry said...

Katney, great shot of Ohanapecosh...!

JM said...

Awesome photo! Love the color of the water and the yellow liquins on the tree branch! Lovely!

PERBS said...

Love the water in that scene!