Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Harvest time--poles stripped

Just over two weeks ago I posted this. That same spot now looks like this. Hop harvest generally runs day and night, and a yard is stripped pretty quickly. This is not the part that is actually "picking" the hops, though. The strings of hop vines, cut near the bottom and then cut from the top and loaded into trucks are taken to the hop picker, where they are hooked to conveyor belts and the hop cones stripped from the vines to be moved into the kiln.
Over the next few days I hope to get some more and better pictures of the workers in various stages of the process.
Other crops are being harvested in the Valley at the same time as the hops. Yesterday I followed a tractor that spanned the road from edge to edge before heading off into a recently harvested corn field.


Hilda said...

I just know that hops is used in beer, but that's it. So these two posts about them are very interesting. I always imagined them to be some kind of grain, not a vine. Thank you for the lesson — I love learning.

Barbara Rahal said...

ohh they look soo STRIPPED! ahhhh till next season eh...Im sure the beer is tasting gooooodddd

CrazyCath said...

I find this fascinating having never seen hops grow or be harvested. It doesn't improve your view too much though does it? Didn't you see the mountain until they planted this crop? I am trying to remember but recall you posting something about the view being lost.

PERBS said...

Hops have been interesting to see but I am more interested in corn on the cob!