Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Fair Fare!

Our first stop at the Central Washington State Fair was St. Paul Cathedral School's elephant ear booth, where former colleagues gave me a wave. Well, the one who wasn't stretching elephant ear dough did. It was teacher's shift at the booth, and a chance to say hi to several of the folks I worked with till I retired this summer.

We always try to choose our fair treats from local organizations. The elephant ear that we split between us held us off till time for barbecue beef sandwiches at Young Life, our annual fair dinner. For a return visit we might choose the lamburgers at another booth.


GreenJello said...

Wow... I worked in that Elephant Ear booth as a kid, back when it was run by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to help with the building budget.

It was sold when the budgeting was taken care of by the Church at large, instead of by individual churches.

Memory lane!

PERBS said...

Haven't had an elephant ear in ages. Love eating them tho. Nice to see your old faculty friends.

You eat LAMBburgers?