Saturday, October 4, 2008

All Ears!

Well, then there is the cute twitchy nose as well.
Here to represent the animals, both large and small, which are being shown at the Central Washington State Fair: a very alert gray rabbit.


Tash said...

What a cutie! Hope some lucky kid gets to take him home. I loved the falling ride & evening air-baloon shots. Great fun to be had by all.

Kitty said...

oh my.
I saw this on the CDP portal and wondererd to myself 'what IS that?!'

what a great nose!

babooshka said...

He'e be perfect for critters sunday.

CrazyCath said...

He looks young and cute - and he knows it!

PERBS said...

What a cutie! I didn't even go see any of the animals this year. AND I missed going to Skamania to see their little fair that has free admission. A bus comes to our transit center in Fisher's Landing to pick people up for the fair and bring them home at end of day too. The ride used to be be free for the fair but they said they were going to start charging this year. It was their 100 th yer for their fair. AND I MISSED IT!