Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Hubby had some business in Mabton yesterday so I went along to take a few pictures. It's not a very big town--maybe 1000 residents--and there is not a lot to get pictures of. I don't know how the taggers got up there to graffiti the water tower. Well, obviously by the ladder, but really, now! Who would go so far?!


mirage2g said...

Ah yes, those rebel artists are really something! I've blogged about them lots of times, how they do it by the side of the elevated traintracks!

Have you joined your blog at City Daily photo?


Have a happy week!

PERBS said...

I tried to enlarge it to see the graffiti but couldn't. . . :o( Nice water tower -- Dot would like it!

Anonymous said...

keep it alive