Monday, October 13, 2008

Gaston meets Belle

You can click to enlarge this one and see that the cast members of this production of Beauty and the Beast are...

...a little older than you might expect.
That's because it is this year's offering by the Over the Hill Gang, a local amateur theatrical group which has lowered its minimum age to 45 to be sure of enough players to put together a cast. They have been putting on an annual musical in Sunnyside for about twenty years.
Here Belle, her nose in a book about a charming prince, is immune to the charms of Gaston while all the village look on.
I was charmed by the only full page ad in the program. It proclaimed: "Belle works for us!" with a picture of the star.


Yogesh Naik said...

Colorful pic... so many faces, expressions, and colors....

Chuck Pefley said...

What a colorful cast! Being part of a theater company is always fun, no?

Hey, have the courage of your convictions ... not sure why you said "but logically it can't".

babooshka said...

I like the sound of the over the hill gang. W are all heading there eventually so good to see being older doesn't mean being put out to pasture.

PERBS said...

Saw this group on your other blog. Good on them!