Thursday, October 9, 2008

Our jerks are here to serve you!

The Yakima Valley Museum Soda Fountain is a functioning museum exhibit. It was installed in 1996 with the acquisition of the fountain and all its equipment from the Jordan's Drug Store which was closing after many years of operation. Just love the art deco look!
Tomorrow, where shall I go?


Barbara Rahal said...

hey that is such a cool looking place, loved the way you captured do I name those??...and the arms of the girl server at the back on the opposite way, super cooll shot!...

Thanks I just check and reload the photo!! now it is on!! he eh it was me this time! :O)

PERBS said...

I miss those old places -- my gosh! You got a milkshake in a tall glass and the silver container it was mixed in with more in it for when you finished the first part. Those were the days.