Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Epiphany Prayer

Dear Jesus, as You led the Three Kings to You by the light of a star, please draw us ever closer to You by the light of Faith. Help us to desire You as ardently as they did. Give us the grace to overcome all the obstacles that keep us far from You. May we, like them, have something to give You when we appear before You. Mary, Our Mother, help us to know Your Son. Amen.
Merlin lives on a small farm between Grandview and Sunnyside. His mate, whose name I never learned, died a few years ago.
The funniest coincidence happened shortly after I had learned about Merlin and taken this picture (which comes from my files--it's not easy to get a good shot of Merlin as he usually hangs out in the back pasture.) I was in a shop in Yakima and somehow the conversation with the young woman waiting on me took a strange turn. She told me that her parents were going to buy a camel. The camel under consideration was Merlin. Apparently the sale did not go through, as, the last time I checked, Merlin was still sharing the same field with a few bovine friends.


Christina Klas said...

a camel? in washington state? Now that is strange... but you never know... I live in a small urban town west of the mountains, but just recently I had to stop to let a chicken cross the road (that's not a joke)... =)

gogouci said...

What on earth would one do with a camel in WA? Poor guy probably has no other close camel friends.