Friday, January 30, 2009

Magic Fingers

Have you ever had a massage? Am I odd that I had gone more than six decades without having had one?

When I called to make an appointment this morning, I was asked what I wanted. I replied that I had never had a massage so I didn't really know. "Never in your whole life?" The young lady on the phone was quite surprised.

I will not let another sixty years go by before I have another. Thank you Ana.


deserthorses5 said...

I have to tell you...I had one about 10 years ago and HATED it! But, recently, with my bad back, a friend recommended her gal and I went and had one that was absolutely delightful! Trouble is, now I can't afford another one ($85.00)!!! OUCH!

Mary said...

You aren't odd....or if you are, I am too. I've still never had one and think I am too intimdated by the idea to get one. I'm sure I would love how it feels if I would do it.