Thursday, January 8, 2009

Nowhere Else

I have found French Fried Asparagus in one other restaurant in the Yakima Valley. But when fresh asparagus is not in season, French Fried Asparagus is definitely unique to Stokes Burger Ranch in Sunnyside.
Dean Stokes introduced the local treat in the late 80s and it was so popular that folks came clear from Seattle to try it. Later, he introduced French fried zucchini in late summer and fall, and French fried mushrooms when neither asparagus nor zucchini were not on the market.
At first attempts to use frozen asparagus failed, but just a couple of years ago Dean found the secret and French Fried asparagus is now on the menu year round.
It has been joined by French fried dill pickle--but I think Dean has gone a bit too far with that one.


Boise Diva said...

I'd give those a try!

Bob Johnson said...

Wow, I would love some of those, what a cool idea, I'm thinking how bout Swiss chard fries?