Monday, November 17, 2008

Fort Simcoe #1

We decided on an excursion to Fort Simcoe one day last month. Fort Simcoe was established in 1856 as a presence to keep control of the Indians in the area. Things had been tense since the treaty in 1855. A history can be found here.
A suggestion: If you travel some 40 miles to visit a place, check ahead to make sure it is open. We visited about a week after the Fr. Simcoe State Park went into off-season hours. The gate was locked, but no one challenged us as we parked at the gate, ate our picnic lunch, and wandered the grounds on foot. There is a small visitor center with information which would have been open on the weekend.
Ah, well. It just leaves reason to go again in the spring or summer.


Gwyn said...

I agree about looking into the details before you go on a trip.
This summer while on vacation in Idaho, we drove up to Dworshak Reservoir only to discover that the park closes early on sunday. UGH! Oh well, we were still able to see some beautiful country.

PERBS said...

Where is Fort Simcoe?