Sunday, November 16, 2008

headed Away from the Valley

We are heading out today with our tiny teardrop trailer for an adventure on our way to Arizona to spend Thanksgiving with our kids there.
While we are gone, I have scheduled a series of pictures from our visit last month to Fort Simcoe to start tomorrow. I was going to post them earlier when the computer crashed. Fortunately, the hard drive was not compromised, but the pictures were unavailable until the other issues were dealt with.
If I get any chances to get online during our adventure, you will find the travel posts at Katney's Kaboodle in coming days. If not, they will be there on our return. If you would like to see a bit more of our tiny trailer--look here where we were stopped at a rest area this summer, or here for a tour of the Little Guy.


Gwyn said...

Greetings from Juneau (Alaska) Daily Photo!
Your little trailer is SO cute. It's nice that you have a dry and comfortable place to sleep. I love tent camping, but my severe back issues don't like it when I do.

I can't wait to follow the photos from your adventure to AZ. Have a safe trip.

Karen said...

I just found your comment on my quilt shop photo.. Thanks for visiting and have a great trip and a fun Thanksgiving.

PERBS said...

Happy Thanksgiving! I forgot that you were going south. Hope you don't have to go through any fires. . .

Hey, you get to go a little early since the library work isn't keeping you at school. Hurrah!

Sterl the Pearl's Daily Pics of Boulder said...

godspeed. cool trailer.