Wednesday, November 12, 2008


When my husband and I both took classes at Heritage in the late 80s--he for his Masters and my for my Teaching Certification--it was a College, and this old elementary school building (It didn't have a spiffy new green roof then.) and a couple of portables was all there was to the campus. It is now Heritage University, and serves the diverse Yakima Valley population well, as well as programs extended throughout the state.


Jeff said...

But do they still have foosball?

Irina said...

It doesn't look very big. How many students attend the university?

And thanks for your comment in my blog! I also left there an answer for you.

PERBS said...

I guess it's called progress. . I went back to college in
the 80's also to get my degree. Graduated in summer of 85 and then moved to WA.