Friday, November 7, 2008

Maryhill Museum #6--Théâtre de la Mode

The fascinating display of the Théâtre de la Mode features doll like figures clothed in the fashions of the post WWII couturiers. In the aftermath of the war, the French fashion industry wanted to regain its position and help to spur the nation's economy. Shortages, however, made it impossible to create the life sized models of the fashion designs. They creatively resorted to a custom of the middle ages--dolls.
This is just a sampling of the Théâtre de la Mode displays. I must admit that, in previous visits to the museum, we had not paid much attention to them. This time, apparently, we paid a bit too much attention. I inadvertently reached through the alarm beam to take this and other pictures. We soon had a security guard following us, though she did say that no, she wasn't following us--just going the same direction.


PERBS said...

What neat doll models!

babooshka said...

The lenghts we go to to get the pic.
Interesting narrative